Let the Word of the Day be...  AMBROSIAL

I guess I must start with AMBROSIA, since that's where the word AMBROSIAL comes from.

AMBROSIA is the food eaten by Greek and Roman gods (it's the Greek word for 'immortality'), or very pleasant food.

AMBROSIAL is an adjective. It means extremely pleasing to the senses such as smell or taste.

Ambrosial coffee...
Have a look at some examples:

I could smell the ambrosial aroma of coffee in the room.

I loved the ambrosial chicken sandwiches she prepared for us.

She stood there just sniffing the ambrosial odour of hamburgers frying on a grill.

The pasta was just ambrosial.

Ambrosial and awe-inspiring food.

Hmm... Any ideas how to translate this adjective into Polish???


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