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Roger Moore looks back at playing Bond

Since James Bond and SKYFALL is still in theatres, I have dug out this interview with Roger Moore at the CNN website. Roger Moore speaks here very slowly and clearly, so it's a perfect video to practice your listening skills even at lower levels. 

First watch the interview on your own and later you can take a look at the transcript I prepared.


Roger: Obviously Daniel Craig and with the combination of tremendous direction and wonderful supporting cast, great villain and you know... I've said quite often that Sean Connery was the killer and I was the lover, but I think, now that I've seen Daniel Craig I think that Daniel Craig is the real killer. He's also vulnerable. Daniel Craig plays Bond with steely determination. He's such a damn good athlete and looks magnificent. I could've never done that scene comming out of the water in my trunks, couldn't hold my stomach in from comming off. 

tremendous direction- wspaniała reżyseria
cast- obsada
villain- czarny charakter
the killer- zabójca
the lover- kochanek
the real killer - prawdziwy zabójca
vulnerable- wrażliwy
steely determination- 'stalowa' detrminacja
a damn good athlete- cholernie dobry atleta
trunks- kąpielówki

Interviewer: How difficult was it Roger to make the character your own?

Roger: Not that difficult because I was going to play it exactly as I play anything else. So me looking (...) which is where the acting comes in.

Interviewer: I've got some quick fire questions for you. I want the first sort of word or phrase that comes into your mind. Let's kick off.

Roger Moore as James Bond
quick fire questions- szybkie pytania
comes into your mind - przychodzi Ci do głowy
Let's kick off- Zaczynamy!

Interviewer: Favourite Bond girl?

Roger: My wife Christina.

Interviewer: Favourite Bond gadget?

Roger: Well, I'll jokingly say- the magnetic watch which unzipped Madeline Smith's dress, which actually was a prop man pulling a wire underneath her dress. He kept his eyes shot he said. 

unzipped - rozpiął zamek
a prop man- rekwizytor
pulling a wire - ciągnący sznurek

Javier Bardem as agent Silva
Interviewer: Best Bond villain or henchman? You've already alluded to Javier Bardem. How does he stack up?

henchman- poplecznik
stack up- plasować się

Roger: Well, he's brilliant and I think rather fascinating. The characterisation. He's given the villain. He's entirely different. 

Interviewer: Have you got a favourite Bond line?
Roger: "Sit!!!" to the tiger when it leaps out of the bushes at me and ... Octopussy.

leaps out of the bushes- wyskakuje z krzaków

Interviewer: Which Bond gadget do you wish you had had?

Roger: Well, none that I would use actually, apart from the wet bike which was great fun but certainly a car that you could drive under water.

Interviewer: When you do look back on your career as James Bond, if you had one thought or reflection, what would it be?

look back on- wspominać

Roger: I could have done it better. But that's the ego of actors, you know you always think you could do it better.

I could have done it better- mogłem to zrobić lepiej

Interviewer: We don't think you could have done. You are? Tell me!

Roger: Bond. James Bond.

Interviewer: Thank you Sir.

Sir Roger George Moore - born on 14th October 1927, an English actor who starred in James Bond series between 1973 and 1985:

1973- Live and Let Die
1974- The Man with the Golden Gun
1977- The Spy who Loved Me
1979- Moonraker
1981- For Your Eyes Only
1983- Octopussy
1985- A View to a Kill


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