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Fair-Weather Friend

Dzisiaj mam dla was idiom :)


It's a friend who is our good friend when it is easy for them and who turns their back on us when the times are hard or when it's too difficult for them.

Czyli z definicji jest to taki przyjaciel do czasu pierwszych kłopotów, fałszywy przyjaciel.

Znalazłam w sieci artykuł, może głupkowaty ale na potrzeby zobrazowania WHO IS A FAIR-WEATHER FRIEND nada się wyśmienicie ;))

How To Deal With (radzić sobie z) Fair-Weather Friends

If you’re lucky, you have an awesome (świetną) group of girlfriends. Our friends keep us sane ( sprawiają, że pozostajemy przy zdrowych zmysłach) and happy … most of the time. What about the friends who aren’t always true blue (wierni; lojalni)? The fair-weather friend is in your address book, but she doesn’t always make it to (dostaje się do) your planner. You count her as one of your closest buddies (kumple), but she has let you down (zawiodła cię) more times than you can count. Here’s how to deal with a friend who isn’t treating you the way you deserve to be treated (która nie traktuje Cię tak jak na to zasługujesz).

  • She only calls you when she needs something. She never answers when you call to catch up (nadrobić zaległości, tutaj chodzi o oddzwonienie w celu dowiedzenia się o co chodziło), but the second she needs a favor (przysługa) from you, she won’t stop blowing up ('atakować') your phone. When she needs the name of that restaurant you once went to, she needs it now, now, now. She takes advantage of your kindness (Wykorzystuje twoją uprzejmość) and reliability, but what about when you need something, like a friendly phone call or lunch date?

  • How to deal (Jak sobie poradzić): Help her out (pomóż jej), but give her a warning (daj jej upomninie). Do the favor (Zrób jej przysługę) or give her the information she needs/wants, but add, “I expect a phone call later telling me how it went.” If you don’t get a thank you, a favor in return (przysługa w zamian), or a catch-up session, don’t be so helpful the next time around (następnym razem).

  • She only has time for you when she’s single. She’s your shopping buddy (kumpelką na zakupy), go-to girl, and confidante (powierniczką) … until she gets a boyfriend. Then, she falls off the face of the earth (znika z powierzchni ziemi). She’s “working late tonight,” she has plans with Mark or, OMG (Oh My God!= O boże!), she’s so sorry, she totally forgot about your lunch date. Your favorite pal disappears from your social life. What gives?

  • How to deal: Know her behavior, and don’t be surprised when she ditches you  (porzuca cię) every time a new guy comes into her life. If it really bothers you (jeśli ci to bardzo przeszkadza), speak up (przemów głośno). Say, “I’m so happy you’re happy with Mark, but we haven’t hung out (nie spotykałyśmy się) in so long. Can we please get together soon?” Make plans, and if she blows you off again (jeśli cię znowu zbywa), retreat ( usuń sie na bok) from the friendship. You deserve a friend who is there for you no matter what her relationship status is.

  • She only wants to talk about herself. You love the girl, but if she doesn’t stop talking about her problems,her job, and her boyfriend, you might scream. You can’t even get a word in (nie możesz wtrynić nawet słowa) to give her advice. Listening to her all the time is exhausting and unfair.

  • How to deal: She probably doesn’t realize how self-absorbed (zaabsorbowana sobą) she is. Interrupt your usual “uh-huh” and “no way” with, “The same thing happened to me last week! I was walking home … ” You can also bring it to her attention, or simply learn how much you can tolerate. Don’t call her as much, unless you’re in the mood to be her personal life coach (chyba że jesteś w nastroju aby być jej osobistym życiowym trenerem).

  • She confuses your friendship for your car, wardrobe, summer home (Myli twoją przyjaźń z twoim samochodem, szafą, domkiem letnim), etc. You’ve got the car keys, and she needs a ride (ona potrzebuje podwózki). You’re happy to help a sister out, but why does it feel like she’s using you (wykorzystuje cię)? You’re starting to feel like your friendship is on a one-way street heading in her direction (Zaczynasz się czuć jakby twoja przyjaźń była jednokierunkową ulicą zmierzającą w jej kierunku) .

  • How to deal: There is much more to a friendship than material perks (materialne dodatki). Stop being her personal chauffeur, and see what happens. Seriously, just say no. You can’t today — you have something to do. Is she still being nice to you? She’d better be (Lepiej żeby była).

  • She only makes an appearance for the “big” stuff and expects to be your BFF (Best Friend Forever). You never see or hear from the girl, but the second you do, she wants to know everything about you. She shows up (zjawia się) for the biggest events in your life, but she misses your normal life for some reason or another. You want to tell her all, but where was she all those times you wanted to vent/talk/see her?

  • How to deal: Weddings, birthdays, and bat mitzvahs (bar micwa) are wonderful ways to bring friends together, but if your buddy lives down the street, major events shouldn’t be the only time you see each other. Out-of-town gals (kumpelki mieszkające poza miastem) are obviously a different story, but if the lady is your neighbor and never stops by (nigdy nie wpada z wizytą), your friendship might not be as strong as you think it is. Maybe keeping your distance really is the best way to prevent your feelings from getting hurt.
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    Oczywiście na deser piosenka od razu z tekstem, tak żeby lepiej zapadało w pamięć ;)
    Vanessa Carlton
    Fairweather friend


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    1. Nice! ...this article has a lot of useful vocabulary. And the topic is relevant, since I think everyone has had experience with a "fair-weather' friend, or has been one at one time or another.


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