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Idioms with comparisons - LENKA

This post is entirely thanks to my friend Agnieszka who suggested this song as a great source of idioms with comparisons. Just take a listen and hear for yourself :) Thanks a lot Agnieszka!!!

Everything at once

As sly as a fox, as strong as an ox
As fast as a hare, as brave as a bear

As free as a bird, as neat as a word
As quiet as a mouse, as big as a house.

All I wanna be
All I wanna be, oh 
All I wanna be is everything...

As mean as a wolf, as sharp as a tooth
As deep as a bite, as dark as the night
As sweet as a song, as right as a wrong
As long as a road, as ugly as a toad

As pretty as a picture hanging from a fixture
Strong like a familly, strong as i wanna be
Bright as a day, as light as play
As hard as nails, as grand as a whale

All I wanna be, oh
All I wanna be, oh 
All I wanna be is everything 
Everything at once
Everything at once, oh
Everything at once

As warm as the sun, as silly as a fun
As cool as a tree, as scary as the sea 
As hot as fire, cold as ice
Sweet as sugar and everything nice

As old as time, as straight as a line
As royal as a queen, as buzzed as a bee
Stealth as a tiger, smooth as a glider
Pure as a melody, pure as i wanna be

All I wanna be, oh
All I wanna be, oh
All I wanna be is everything
Everything at once

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