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I have just found a very handy online dictionary of collocations called OZDIC. A dictionary of collocations is a great devise especially when you are not sure if you should do or make your homework (of course the first one!) or if you still have a dilemma if you can say that traffic is big (of course you cannot - traffic can be heavy but not big!) Dictionaries of collocations have one major flip side - once you start using them you become addicted, seriously addicted :)

A sample page:

traffic noun

1 vehicles travelling somewhere

ADJ. bad, busy, congested, heavy, thick | light | constant | fast, fast-flowing | slow-moving, sluggish | cycle, heavy goods vehicle, lorry, motor, road, vehicular, wheeled | foot, pedestrian | air, airline an air traffic controller | boat, maritime, river, sea | rail, railway | motorway | commercial, freight, goods, industrial, passenger | city, city-centre, local, town-centre, urban | international | commuter, tourist | rush-hour | holiday, summer | oncoming I stood waiting for a gap in the oncoming traffic. | through Through traffic is directed around the bypass. | northbound, southbound, etc. | one-way, two-way
QUANT. stream

VERB + TRAFFIC generate, increase Building larger roads could generate more traffic. | cut, reduce | slow down | block, hold up, obstruct, stop, tie up Traffic was held up for six hours by the motorway blockade. | direct | divert

TRAFFIC + VERB build up, thicken In the town centre, traffic was already building up as early as 3 p.m. | grow, increase Traffic has increased by 50% in ten years. | clog sth Traffic clogs the streets of the city centre. | thin Traffic thins noticeably after 9 a.m. | flow, move, speed, travel The road is being widened to keep traffic moving. | go by, pass | head We joined the traffic heading northwards on the motorway. | roar, rumble

TRAFFIC + NOUN accident | hazard Sheep are a traffic hazard in the hills. | chaos, congestion, disruption, delays, hold-ups, problems, queues | fumes, pollution | noise | flow, speed Widening the road would improve traffic flow. | levels, volume | calming, management, restraint, safety | sign, signal | laws, legislation, regulations | system | offence, violation | bollard, cone, island A traffic island at the junction separates left- and right-turning vehicles. | artery (formal), route | report, survey, update | cop, officer, police, policeman, warden | engineer, planner | duty a policeman on traffic duty

PHRASES the volume of traffic

2 messages, signals, etc.

ADJ. radio, telephone | data, voice | network | Internet, Net, site, Web, website Our company will help you generate site traffic.

VERB + TRAFFIC boost, build, generate

3 illegal buying and selling of sth

ADJ. illegal | arms, drug

PREP. ~ in sth - the traffic in arms


An ace up one's sleeve

You must pardon me for my recent absence here. Although I have a pretty good excuse for that break and low activity, I will try to make up for it nonetheless. 

Let's start today!


Możemy powiedzieć tak:

I think he's got some more strong arguments that he's going to use later.
(Myślę, że on ma jeszcze jakies poważne argumenty, których użyje później.)


możemy powiedzieć to samo tak:

He may have an ace up his sleeve.
(On może mieć asa w rękawie.)

Idiom 'an ace up one's sleeve' to taki nasz polski 'as w rękawie' bądź też 'ukryty atut'

10 tips for memorising vocabulary


1. Remember the new word in whole sentence, not just on its own. Try writing a personal sentence with that word in it

2. Find a song in which the word is used

3. Read and write the word many times (simple but useful!)

4. Put it on a note on the refrigerator

5. Learn vocabulary in 'word families' (big, large, huge, gigantic)

6. Learn opposites together (tall and short)

7. Learn words which have similar sounds or spellings together (desert and dessert)

8. Use flashcards to keep testing your knowledge

9. Make new words part of your active vocabulary by trying to use them in conversation as soon as you can

10. Keep revising! If you don't use the new word you will lose it. If you have learned a new word one day, look at it again in the evening, then again in a couple of days…


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