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Black Friday

I guess some of you might have come across huge black posters while passing an Empik store on Friday, December 29. I have and I was truly surprised. What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the fourth Friday in November, following Thanksgiving day (which is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November). Black Friday is the day of sales in stores all over the USA. It's a shopper's paradise literally. Many shops open up as early as 6 or 8 am to let more people give in to their shopping spree. Black Friday is often a day off for many Americans which also enables many to do the shopping on that day. The name of the day comes from Philadelphia, however, there is a very nice story which, even if it's not true, is very interesting and worth mentioning. 'Black' in Black Friday may come from the fact that during the whole year merchants and shopkeepers were in the red, that is they were short of money and were literally in debt. Black Friday meant that finally they could be in the black which in English means they could have some money.

Notice that today you have learned two new idioms:

BE IN THE RED ( not have money or be in debt )
BE IN THE BLACK ( have some money )

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