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Saving Mr. Banks

I've simply been impressed by this beautiful motion picture. Saving Mr. Banks is a John Lee Hancock's film which tells the story of how a best-seller book for kids was turned into a cinema blockbuster. The book mentioned is "Mary Poppins" written in 1934 by P.L. Travers. The man who decided to make a film adapted from that book was Walt Disney himself.

The official trailer

Saving Mr. Banks starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks is a fabulous and amusing story set in the early 1960's in Los Angeles and London. Probably not everyone might be a fan of it, but I must say I love 50's and 60's - those amazing big cars, people looking elegant and immaculate no matter what they do, those charming dresses, old-school glasses and gadgets! The world of a fairy tale! That's amazing and so charming in the film although not everyone might like it.

There is however, something about the picture that everyone interested in English language should be amused by. That is the language of course! The film presents the clash of two worlds - the stiff upper lip of the British and the laid back 'easy-goingness' of Americans. It's visible everywhere - starting with the manner you introduce yourself ("I'm Ms! Ms Travers." vs. "Hi Pamela! I'm Walt!"), through the way you have your tea ("Milk first!") finishing with the differences between British and American English (numerous examples...). If you're a keen English learner, you will surely enjoy it just as I did.

And if you haven't got enough by now, watch this! :)


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