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Watching documentaries online

I have recently become kind of addicted to a wonderful website - DOCUMENTARY STORM. It offers an array of documentaries segregated into different categories, like biography, lifestyle, science, crime, politics, religion, society, technology and many many others. What's great about it, is that when you watch a film on the website you can turn on English subtitles! :)

Some samples:

and a word that reoccurs in the last video -


Spain - is austerity the answer?


the condition or practice of living without things that are not necessary and without comfort, with limited money or goods, or a practice, habit, or experience that is typical of this (surowość, prostota, skromność):

The austerities of life in a small rural community were not what I was used to.


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  1. bardzo lubię ten blog,ale musze powiedzieć że napisy pod filmami są automatyczne co znaczy że czasem nijak się mają do tego co mówi lektor.
    Pozdrawiam i dzieuję za bloga.



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