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Some time ago I devoted a few posts to VAK, which is more professionally called sensory-based learning. V stands for VISUAL, A for AUDITORY and K, respectively for KINAESTHETIC. I suggest taking a look at those posts in order to get the whole picture:

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Kinaesthetic learners - click HERE

Today I wanted to discuss two other types, which of course often overlap with the VAK. I mean GLOBAL AND ANALYTIC learnering styles.


  • are influenced by feelings and follow their heart when taking decisions
  • are more affected by their environment and surroundings
  • remember whole experiences better than details (e.g. they can complete a task, but it will be difficult for them to explain how they did it)
  • like to make contact and feel comfortable with the people they are going to work with 
  • are very good at multi-tasking (doing many things simultaneously / at the same time)
  • are motivated by external factors (e.g. they will be more motivated by the opinions of other people)


  • are more interested in facts, not feelings
  • can be very meticulous and thorough, e.g. they will plan everything they need to do step by step
  • prefer to finish doing one thing before they start doing something else
  • like working alone
  • like to know beforehand what the result or outcome will be (e.g. if they are to learn about Present Perfect, they need to know why and how they can use it later)
  • are motivatd by internal factors (e.g. such a learner will be better motivated by himself and his plans or goals than by other people and what they think)
  • don't like socializing with others if they have got a task to complete

Discovering what type of learner you are is the first important step in order to facilitate the learning process so it's good to devote some time to diagnose yourself.


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