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Rise? Raise? Arise?

I'm pretty sure you've already had this dilemma. Maybe not even once... When do I say RISE, when - RAISE, and what about the third one? ARISE? What's the deal?

Let's start with RISE...

RISE /raɪz/ means to GO UP, e.g.:

A plane can rise, so it can go up

The sun or the moon can also RISE - they go up in the sky

Your voice can rise, meaning go up as well

If you are terrified your hair can rise!

And that's not all!

Salaries, prices, unemployment, temperature, wind, water, the sea, tension, emotions and even bread or cake can rise! Of course everything in the meaning of GO UP or BECOME STRONGER.

RISE also means to STAND UP, e.g.:

We can rise from the table or desk or rise to our feet. Moreover, we can also rise in the morning - meaning GET UP: Frank rose early (He got up early). If we tell somebody: RISE AND SHINE! then we want to encourage them to get up and start their day!

RISE is a irregular verb: RISE - ROSE - RISEN

RISE = wzrastać; wznosić się, wstać; rosnąć; unosić się; wschodzić

RAISE  /reɪz means PUT something UP or LIFT something, like what you do with your hand when you want to call somebody or at school when you want to answer the question.

We can RAISE taxes or prices, standards or our bet in card games like poker!

So we have to be careful here:

We raise prices or taxes BUT Prices or taxes rise!
You raise your voice BUT Your voice rises!

RAISE also means COLLECT. We can RAISE MONEY for something: WOŚP raises money for hospital equipment.

It's also possible to RAISE A QUESTION at a meeting, which means to MENTION IT during the discussion, or RAISE DOUBTS or FEARS.

RAISE CHILDREN is a synonym to BRING them UP, so to take care of them while they grow up.

RAISE is a regular verb, so the past form is RAISED.

RAISE = wznosić; podnosić; podwyższać; wywoływać; wychowywać; zbierać

Florence and the Machine "Raise it Up"


Finally, there is also ARISE /əˈraɪz/...

If something ARISES it begins to exist - e.g., Problems can arise - they appear, the same with needs!
Difficulties, issues, opportunities, questions or situations - all of them can ARISE too!

We RAISE a problem or an issue BUT a problem or an issue ARISES!

ARISE is an irregular verb: ARISE - AROSE - ARISEN

ARISE = powstawać; pojawiać się; wynikać; powstawać

Przypominam o konkursie...


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