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A (sudden) Change of Heart

Dziś kolejny idiom, którego ostatnio wszędzie pełno, czego nie posłucham, albo czego nie obejrzę ;) Mowa o 'zmianie serca' czyli A CHANGE OF HEART.


Idiom pochodzi z XVIII wieku, podobno pierwsze zarejestrowane użycie to 1791 r. i niemalże od początku oznacza 'zmienić zdanie' lub 'zmienić nastawienie do czegoś':

'a reversal in position or attitude'  
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
'a situation in which you change your opinion about someone or something'  
Macmillan Dictionary

Taka przemiana może być nagła, dlatego często słyszy się ten idiom w towarzystwie przymiotnika SUDDEN:


Trochę przykładów:

Any moment she could have a change of heart  and want me back.
The company did not give any reasons for the change of heart
Still, it is difficult to see it as anything but a change of heart
Welcome though this change of heart  was, it was too little and came far too late.
Long-term anxieties contributed to the generals' change of heart
All this helps explain the company's swift change of heart
As explained earlier, a sudden change of heart  is not a sufficient reason for granting the motion.


Jedna z książek Jodi Picoult zatytułowana została 'Change of Heart', a na polski przetłumaczona jako 'Przemiana'.  

Kilka przykładów z Ćwierkacza (Twittera):

'hahaha. i was about to say "why aaron kelly" thought u had a change of heart, lol'
'If a person has a change of heart and turns to Jesus the last hour of their life, they’ll be saved. Just when is that last hour though?'
'I laughed when an overpriced industrial complex ostensibly has a change of heart about a CEO'.
'I have way too many changes of heart...'
'Pray for miracles and changes of heart'
No i oczywiście piosenka.... Nie mogłam się przeć temu teledyskowi.... Przyznaję szczerze, że te fryzury, makijaże i ubrania, ten niemalże neobarokowy przepych w jakiś sposób działa rozbrajająco ;) Enjoy!

  • Here I am
    Just like I said I would be
    I'm your friend
    Just like you think it should be
    Did you think I would stand here and lie
    As our moment was passing us by
    Oh I am here
    Waiting for your change of heart
    It just takes a bit
    To turn it around
    Yes I'm waiting for your change of heart
    At the edge of my seat
    Please turn it around
    Days go by
    Leaving me with a hunger
    I could fly
    Back to when we were younger
    When adventures like cars we would ride
    And the years lied ahead still untried
    While I stand here
    Turn it around, round, round
    Yeah yeah
    Turn it around, round, round
    Yeah Yeah
    Turn it around
    Blind leading blind
    Never hear the laughter
    Search through time
    Nothing reveals the answer
    If it's truth that you're looking to find
    It is nowhere outside of your mind
    I bide my time
    Turn it around, round, round
    Yeah Yeah
    Turn it around, round, round
    Yeah yeah
    Turn turn turn it around
    And I'm waiting for your change of heart
    Ooooh, ooooh
    Waiting for your change of heart 



4 komentarze:

  1. Jak zwykle bardzo ciekawy wpis. Idiom był mi już znany, ale przy okazji dowiedziałem się kilku innych związanych z nim rzeczy :)

  2. Oh no, not again! I'm afraid I'll open the fridge one day and there will be "a change of heart" sitting comfortably inside and smiling :)


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