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10 tips for memorising vocabulary


1. Remember the new word in whole sentence, not just on its own. Try writing a personal sentence with that word in it

2. Find a song in which the word is used

3. Read and write the word many times (simple but useful!)

4. Put it on a note on the refrigerator

5. Learn vocabulary in 'word families' (big, large, huge, gigantic)

6. Learn opposites together (tall and short)

7. Learn words which have similar sounds or spellings together (desert and dessert)

8. Use flashcards to keep testing your knowledge

9. Make new words part of your active vocabulary by trying to use them in conversation as soon as you can

10. Keep revising! If you don't use the new word you will lose it. If you have learned a new word one day, look at it again in the evening, then again in a couple of days…


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