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Snap (verb)

  • to break something with a short loud noise (złamać):

The storm snapped weaker trees.

  • Snap something in two (przełamać coś na dwoje):

She snapped the cookie in two and gave half of it to her sister.

  • to quickly move something so that it makes a short sound (pstryknąć; strzelić):

She snapped the can open.

  • to suddenly lose control and become angry because something has annoyed you or has become too difficult for you (stracić panowanie nad sobą):

She snapped during the trial because she couldn’t handle it any longer.

  • to speak to somebody in a sudden, angry way (warknąć; odburknąć):

I’m sorry for snapping at you like that.

  • (informal) to take a photograph (pstryknąć zdjęcie):

She snapped a picture of the president.


  • to make an effort to stop being unhappy or upset (weź się w garść):

Okay, so your girlfriend’s left you and you’ve lost your job, but you need to snap out of it as fast as you can!


  • do something immediately! (do dzieła!; do roboty!):

Don’t just stand like that and wait! Go to your room and do your homework! Snap to it!

SNAP UP (phrasal verb)

  • to buy something as soon as it becomes available (rozchwytywać):

Customers waiting to snap up some bargains in H&M store.
When the new iPhone is released people just snap it up.

Snap your fingers

  • to make a sound by rubbing your fingers against your thumb (pstrykać palcami):

I just couldn’t help snapping my fingers when I heard that song.

Snap (Noun)

  • a short oud noise, made especially by something breaking or closing (trzask; pstryknięcie):

The lid closed with a snap.

  • (informal) a photograph (zdjęcie; fotka):

She showed me some holiday snaps.

  • a simple card game in which players put down cards in piles and try to be the first to shout 'snap' when there are two cards that are the same (wojna)


  • easy thing (pestka):

Everyone can use a computer. It’s a snap!


  • used when you are surprised with something (Ale heca!):

Snap! You’ve got the same shoes as me!

Snap (Adjective)

  • decided or arranged very quickly, without much thought, preparation or warning (pośpieszny; pochopny):

I don’t want to make a snap decision but I think I will sell the house.


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